Dag Van De Dans 2024

As part of this year's annual Day of the Dance here in Brussels, I will be presenting "sylvan", a duet that is performed together with pianist and great friend, Eric Bribosia. It is a solo I created about 2,5 years ago and showed it as a work in progress. Getting the chance to revisit it again after all this time has been moving, allowing me to converse with this past self of mine who had started the gentle and intimate work back 2,5 years ago, allowing me to dialogue with it, with her and with my present self. I'm trying to dig much deeper into my intimacy, which I had then aimed to but could only reach so far. The occasion to perform this again has challenged me to go further and my voyage has not been for nought, let's say. This creative process thus far has been revealing to me what my creative process is, shown me how I think and process ideas, and how dancing really can and does transcend words. I'm returning to having a child-like sense of trust in the dance in me.

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Photo: Issei Suda's "Nabari, Mie"